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FUN RUN  will be April 12, 2023

Countryside Elementary students will take part in this community building/fundraising experience.

Fundraising period March 12 – April 12 @ 11:59PM, 
April 12, during the school day, students will participate in a Fun Run/Walk. 
Students will practice the 1/4 mile loop around the school yard during PE class leading up to the event.  Each grade will run/walk for a total of 15minutes.
Parents are invited to come watch their students run/walk and cheer them on.  A more detailed schedule will be sent our closer to the event.
Parent Volunteers will be needed so key an eye out! Student registration is critical to our success.

Follow these three easy steps.
1. First Register or re-login to your parent dashboard and complete your child’s student webpage (Picture optional) at School Identifier: 6075ec670f7c3
2. Make an online donation using the red Donate button right away
3. Share with friends and family, they want to help! 
– Send 5-10 emails/or text messages, Post on Facebook or Twitter ·       
Help your child reach their goal in 24/48 hours

Incentives: All incentives are coordinated by Event Chair in connection with teachers and Principal Herlihy
* Register – Receive a Countryside water bottle!
* Register – Everyone who registers will receive 5 Raffle Bucks!
* Every dollar raised by each student counts towards 1 Raffle Bucks
** Raffle Prizes are available to view now! Click Here!
– The raffle site is only open for selection after the fundraising period is over!
– Participants will be contacted with their available Raffle Bucks at the end of the fundraising period.
– If you would like additional Raffle Bucks you can VENMO Countryside PTO.

School wide incentives:
25% or $3,000 = Pajama Day!
50% or $6,000 = Neon Everything Day! (clothes, hair, shoes)
75% or $9,000 = Backwards Day!
100% or $12,000 = Hat Day!

Grade Level Incentives:
25% 50% 75% 100%
K Pajama Day, Classroom dance party, Extra recess, Listen to music during independent learning (teacher provided option for class choice)
1 Pajama Day Extra recess Student choice period Chalk the walk @ teacher chosen time
2 Pajama Day Classroom dance party Extra recess Student choice period
3 Pajama Day Extra recess Chalk the walk @ teacher chosen time
4 Extra recess Student choice period
5 Extra recess Student choice period Listen to music during independent learning (teacher provided option)

Contact Sue Johnston with questions

Special thanks to our Countryside sponsors this year: Ame and Lulu, Greek International Market, Melissa Monokroussos Compass Real Estate, and Boston Embrace Orthodontics!