CA&S 2016-17 Grade 4 Eleanor Roosevelt

Today the fourth graders saw a one-woman play about Eleanor Roosevelt presented by Sheryl Faye. Faye is dedicated to presenting strong and positive role models to children. Eleanor Roosevelt is a very strong role model and also ties in with World War II studies, the Great Depression, Civil Rights and Biographies.
Sheryl’s performance started with Eleanor’s childhood memories and experiences which all had big effect on her personality and who she became later. She explained in detail how Eleanor and her husband (President FD Roosevelt) started their political lives and how she became President Roosevelt’s ears and eyes in later years when he became sick.

In her performance, Sheryl pointed out Eleanor’s strong personality and how determined and caring she was.
Questions to ask your child:
1. What is some good advice Eleanor Roosevelt got from her father?
2. Did Eleanor Roosevelt like making speeches at first? How did this change and why?
3. How was Eleanor Roosevelt different from other First Ladies?