CA&S 2016-17 Grade K Emilie Boon

Today the kindergarten classrooms welcomed a special visitor – author and illustrator, Emilie Boon! Emilie shared how she was inspired to illustrate the children’s book A Cake for Barney and brought in her original sketches and draft of this book. She then painted a picture for the class and showed them a special trick they could use with a white crayon and paint! The kids loved it! They were then able to create their own books using the techniques she taught them!

Questions to ask your child:
1. What are Emilie’s two favorite materials to create pictures?
2. What is another name for the book’s title?
3. What is the special trick/technique that Emilie uses with her white crayon?

1. Crayons and water pastels
2. A Bun for Barney ( in England they call cakes, buns)
3. She uses the white crayon to create Crayon Resist Art – a process where they see their hidden drawing or words revealed when painting over it.