In 2018,  the following mini grants were awarded, thanks to your PTO annual fund donations:

  • Ms. Young, school social worker, worked to identify and purchase new materials to expand their classroom libraries and classroom visuals regarding racially and culturally diverse books and posters, to support the ongoing district Courageous Conversation work and the k-2nd classroom teachers.
  • Ms. Turner & Ms. Colon, Inclusion Facilitators, purchased additional options for flexible seating to provide to classroom teachers. The flexible seating will be available for all students who demonstrate a need for movement to use in their classrooms.
  • Mr. Whiting, 4th grade teacher, purchased materials for math and social/emotional learning.
  • The ESL team purchased a “mini-library” of picture books focused on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), in addition to some social language games.
  • Ms. Terrazzino purchased 11 lap desks that can be used as either standing desks on top of their tables or as desks on the floor as well as a large Hoberman Sphere, that can be used to assist with deep breathing.