In 2016, the following mini grants were awarded, thanks to your PTO annual fund donations:

  • Ms. Restivo created a Sensory Toolkit to help students who require extra help sitting and focusing on work, including therapy stress balls, theraband resistance bands, ball chairs, and Back Jack chairs.
  • The 4th grade team attended Mindfulness Training designed specifically for teachers and added activities to teach students mindfulness techniques.
  • The ELA and first grade team purchased support materials to encourage and enhance independent readers.
  • Lori Franzella, the speech and language specialist, purchased syntax and grammar materials to support students who struggle to learn and use correct grammar in their oral language and written language skills.
  • Trisha Poirier, the Occupational Therapist, purchased games and tools to assist students build their hand skills.
  • The 5th grade purchased books building their in-class libraries, to help encourage students to read more for fun!
  • Ms. Machen, in 5th grade, acquired alternative seating. Students have different needs at different points in the day, and providing them with the opportunity to make a choice of where they do work allows them to be successful during both independent and small group work times.